Yasuko Miyamoto

Japanese/ English

Percussionist & Marimba Player

Yasuko Miyamot

Yasuko Miyamoto is an ingenious music performer; percussionist & marimba player with versatile talents. Her performing area is not only limited to classic and contemporary music, collaborating in a variety of performance arts: contemporary dance, oriental instruments and Jazz drumming.

Majored in percussion instrument at Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts Department of music, percussion instrument, completed a special curriculum at the musicological society of the same school. In 1996, she graduated from German national Freiburg College of Music and soloist course in 1999 both with a top and best grades. In the same year, acquired a qualification of Germany national musician(Konzertexamen).

She was taught by Atsumi Taki, Kiyoshi Kitagawa, Takashi, Ueno, Mitsuru Nakatani, Yasunori Yamaguchi, Sumire Yoshihara, Bernhard・wolf・robert・Van・Sice, Taijiro Miyazaki.

In 1995, she won the finalist prize at the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg, in 1997, as a finalist at the International Musikwettbewerb der ARD percussion instruments, in 1998, won the first prize at the modern music ensemble concours in Leipzig, awarded Shiga Arts Festival (Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs), Heiwado foundation Art Encouragement Prize in 2001. As she received number of prizes gaining public attention in various countries while studying in Germany; obtained an artist visa as well. Yasuko performs based in Japan and Europe, in many other counties around the world In Europe, she belongs to Ensemble Charis (Zurich) ,YMMO Ensemble (Freiburg), performed as a guest player for Ensemble・Recherche (Freiburg), Musik Rabrik (Dusseldor), Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart, Sinfonieorchester Basel, Bremen Philharmony and more.

Yasuko performed in Rochester in the United States as a guest player in 1997, in 1998, with Bernhard Wulff & the Basel Symphony Orchestra at the world premier; percussion solo and Orchestral music concerto《Un long fracas somptueux de rapide celeste 》which was presented by Michelle Jarrell specially for Yasuko Miyamoto expecting her transcendent performances. (Published by Henry Lemoine in France), in 1999, the same concerto with Biwako Festival Orchestra conducted by Hiroyuki Iwaki at the Japan premier gained a significant public attention. In the same year, in Paris, played as a member of Ensemble Inter Contemporain led by Pierre Boulez. Yasuko held a Solo recital in Buenos Aires, included the first premier commissioned for Mariano Etkin which was praised as ”An unforgettable performance”CLARIN. Yasuko was invited at the 2000 world exposition from Ecuador; played with Olaf Joppe (Straboug / Percussion・Group), Ukuraine Contemporaly music Festival as a Soloist, played with Kiev chamber orchestra. In 2002 and 2004, from Austria as a guest performance for the Feldkirch Music Festival. She gains high commendation and recognition from Europe and the United States. In 2005, she decided to move her main base to Japan from Germany.

[Outreach] From 2004, as an membered artist of the Japan Foundation for Regional Art –Activities, from 2006, as an corporation artist. Outreach activities are more than 200 all over the country. (As of June, 2018)

[One Coin Concert] In 2006, at the Hyogo Performing Arts Center Grand Hall, 「Yasuko Miyamoto Percussion & Marimba Concert 」was chosen as the most favorite artist by the survey through the year and the following year, she performed solo recital at the same venue. In addition to above, in 2011, Niigata-City Performing Arts Center ( Ryutopia), in 2013, Kota-machi Town Hall (Tsubaki Hall), beyond her outstanding technics, her inspirational performance held in high repute in Japan.

[Training Produce] In 2009, as a coordinator under the Biwako Music Harvest Academy, she held a Percussion Instrument Academy at Shiga Kenmin Geijutsu Sozo Kan. From 2010 onward, as a producer, she has been held an annual study program for upcoming artists called「KOKO Kara Mirai E」at Shiga Ritto Geijutsu Bunka Kaikan Sakira. She has been taking the lead promoting the study program for local upcoming artists and cultural encouragement through her musical activities. Moreover, in 2016, held the Gala ・Concert with her six years producing「KOKO Kara Mirai E」by the all performers over the past six years then, formed 「Yasuko Miyamoto & Percussion Ensemble “ KOKO” 」 Besides her musical performances, her unique composition and direction attract audiences, then she started to gain recognition as a talented producer.

[Contemporary Music] From 2010, performed numerous concerts hosted by the group of contemporary music called「Kuramujica」. In 2012, for the 80th anniversary of Japan Society for Contemporary Music ・Yasuko Miyamoto Percussion recitals 「Iki-Shiki O Koete」played at the world premiere; 6 musical works were composed specially for yasuko Miyamoto; gained great triumph. At Baschet Musical Sculpture Restoration related project「Baschet Musical Sculpture Concert, played Four Seasons (Shiki) which was composed by Toru Takemitsu

[Creative Kids Musical Program] From 2012, at La Folle Journée au BIWAKO, Luciole・Art Kids Festival , Yasuko has managed a stage produce for kids programs 「Creative Kids Musical Program」. Besides that, in 2015, organized and produced a musical workshop for「110th anniversary events of Koka City Kumoi Elementary School」, she has praised again for excellence in planning.

[Performances in Japan ] Gala Concert、Restoration Support Concert, Salon Concert, Lunch Time Concert and etc. Having a high opinion on her success so far, played at the family concert sponsored by Ai Oi Nissey Dowa Insurance - The・Fenix Hall, earned a good reputation among people of all ages. She keeps seeking for a new rollout and expanding activities throughout Japan. Her vigorous entertainment has been kept attention to people from musical halls.

[Chamber Music] In 2008, joined a member of [Alti Choir]as a musical artist of Kyoto ALTI. With Mitsuru Nakatani, also a member of percussion instruments[schlegelii].

[CD Production] In 2008, released Marimba Solo Album「Dear」, in 2010, marimba・percussion duo and recite 「Fantasy~Arabian Nights」

Even apart from above, Yasuko has been teaching at Ishiyama Juniro High School of Shiga Prefecture, Soai University, Doshisha Woman’s College of Liberal Arts, having a high reputation as a music teacher for imparting knowledge to the young. She also has engaged in a role as a committee for Shiga Cultural Affairs for 6 years since 2010 and Training & Education Programs for the next generations for 4 years, contributed to promotions of regional culture. She has been performing in a wide range of music industry as a gifted musician. Pearl Musical Instrument Co.,Ltd. ADAMS Monitor Artist